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portrayed artists
with synesthetic work concepts(in alphabetical order ) :

Bradhwangmini_Brad Hwang ( sung uk bradden hwang)

The Korean-American sculptor Brad Hwang is one of the few "mechanic sculptors" who is able to create some sort of poetic warmth in his pieces. His "low-tec" mechanic objects are made to produce pancakes, music steam and various other things at the same time. One of the best.


HeikemariaUnvorstellbarMini_Heike Maria Unvorstellbar

Her work has always been between painting, politics, lyrics and music. She used to work with the performance group "Kommittee Präsens" and was one of the first artists to produce inside the legendary Berlin ArtSquats "Stuttgarter Hof " and "Tacheles". she did some regular radio Shows with Corin O Shannan ( ED 2000) and lives as an Inhabitant of the artists house" KULE".


Lennie lee Mini_Lennie Lee:

The London-based artist with jewish roots works with sometimes controversal situations and imagery. He organized some legendary mass performances with in the middle of the 90s in Berlin .The "audiences " in these shows were an active part of the concept and were "treated" like actors in a theatre play.


marvamk portrait miniMarva Mk mini_Marva MK ( Marva H. Kuebler)

An interview with Marva Mk, one of the founders of synlabor. A few sentences about motivation, combined techniques and future plans.


TommyPopDiekmann-mini_Tommy Pop (Tom Diekman)
He constructed some really ironic machines and machine shows. There were objects and machines, to be used by the public, for shakin , walking around or firing potatoe-guns. Tommy pop Diekmann stopped the exhausing work on interactive machines at the moment. But also his photo-retouche works of the present are fueled by a rather black humour and emotions-hiding sarcasm.




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