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Brad Hwang ( sung uk bradden hwang)

The Korean-American sculptor Brad Hwang is one of the few "mechanic sculptors" who is able to create some sort of poetic warmth in his pieces. Brad Hwang has the habit to incorporate food and user activities into his work (and should speak for himself....hopefully in an Interview on these pages in the future) . Here are a few excerpts fom his papers on the 1993 Synlabor Exhibition "Engelschule" by Brad Hwang.

Brad Hwang1993"schreiendeSchuesseln"

Picture: Brad Hwang doing " Schreiende Schüsseln" . Please excuse the quality. The picture was digitized from video with the Synlabor Amiga Computer in 1993
He arrived in Berlin 1991 and hit the evolving new cultural scene of east Berlin when the wall came down. Next Picture: a handmade catalog from 1991
Brad Hwang Paper1991




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