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links with infos about synesthetics


wikipedia-de-link-synesthetics_ Wikipedia artikel über

synästhesie und synästhetiker german flag

richard cytowic-link_american Neuropsychologist Richard E. Cytowic_us-flag

extensive research, a popular book and some easy-to-read articles about synesthesia.

uk-synesthetic assoc-link_UK synesthetic association_us-flag

A group of scientists who concentrate some work on synethetics

Museum of the Mind link_museum of the mind_us-flag

the belgian Synethetic association by Dr. Hugo Heyrman


Bluecats-pat.Duffy-synesthetics links_"bluecat linklist" by Patricia Lynn Duffy_us-flag

this is a great linklist for research on synesthetics. Available links and documents in quite a few languages ( inluding chinese, czech,spanish, turkish, german and others)


*"knowledge for all"

like many other non-commercial projects, synlabor is not able to pay the rights to show copyrighted material. So we will mostly use open source documents or pictures from our own material if we dont have the explicit permission of the copyright owners..

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