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"Phase 7- einstein dome "

computeranimations for the 360 degree media opera by Phase 7

production: phase 7 director: sven sören beyer 3D-animation and 360 deg dome videoproduction: volumesnatcher, andre pleil, reik zerbster, Dieter Tedeschi compositing and video art: marva mk edited version for Siggraph Los Angeles dome theatre 2006: Marva MK

dome projection technology consulting::fraunhofer institute germany

phase 7 einsteinopera dome projections

comments:: ...45minutes of high resolution 360 degree computeranimation with scientific-artistic content is still a big job to do...Volumesnatcher and Synlabor made the right concept for the visualization and realized it within half a year of production. The mediadome by phase 7 performing arts was put up right at Unter den Linden / Bebelplatz in the centre of Berlin and was a big public success. Synlabor & Marva Mk made the compositing and the "freaky-looking" abstract video compositions.... half a year later we also edited a short version of the animation for the dome theatre, an event at the Siggraph 2006 in Los Angeles....


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