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Rammstein " Echo 2005"TV show
idea:, Rammstein design and construction : Daniel Morawietz, Dito Martinez, Marva Mk, Andre Pleil

Rammstein echo 2005 setdesign


comments: "we fixed the the battery-driven flatscreenwith of the hightech-animation and a few other gimmicks on the chair at the very day of the show. So we didnt know how long the batterys would last. Because of this we started the activation of the mobile player and the screen in the last moment possible. While I activated all the electronic gear, the mobile stage already moved towards the audience and all these TV cameras of the ongoing TV liveshow. I was just about to come up with the band ! Everybody in the backstage freezed but I managed to jump fom the moving platform only one second before the TV and the public saw my superpretty booty..

Daniel Morawietz is really a cool guy.."Marv





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