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Interview Marva MK
by enum

"I am living within a permanent Implosion...."

Marva MK has been successfull in many different artistc fields and worked quite a few famous projects. Now he wants to tell us he doesnt like contacts and is a classical case of multiangled self therapy?

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silent: Marva MK / Marva H.Kuebler, Multimedia Producer and synesthetic artist not so silent: the same guy with an axe, live on stage


Hello Marva, what are you working on at the moment? M: I am working on my own website. I didnt do anything seriuos about it for years now. And so I have to digitize and prepare various analog stuff. ...As a synesthetic artist I am working ( like always) on a new MediaPack with 10 new audio&video tracks or so and on new stage objects.. As a computerslave( smiles) I just made a new Design for some asia touristic site and look for the next job..

What is the best thing and what is the worst thing about your career-if there is something like that? M: well, the best thing is that I am still able to do my stuff...Thanks to computers I can develop at least audiovisual media in a good quality almost anywhere . And I have got direct access to almost all the tools I need . And I hope I will also be able to distribute things independently via electronic business models. I do also find a lot of knowledge and other interesting things there. The worst thing about my career is my emotional attitude towards contacts: When I had my first shows and exhibitions i was always proud of what I archieved , and rather shy in human contact with my audience. Nowadays, I am relaxed towards the audience. But If I see who I should know and who I should do something with to get a better reputation or business contacts I get the feeling that I dont want to know anybody , be invisible. and cooperate with nobody. Thats funny because in general I like other people. Bus this "ökonomie der Bedeutung" really pisses me off.

Is there a "main theme" in your work? M: Difficult question. I am trying to avoid to "talk about the same things everyday" so to say. But there are of course certain points I play around with again and again. I am a very emotional person but I am not showing them easyly. So I feel like I was walking around and living in a permanent implosion that I am trying to get rid of. My work is the way to get the balance and not to freak out. It is not a made-up strategy or a pure esthetic service to beauty or something like that. ...And there are so many things in human behaviour, politics, nature, love.... that "make my pump go" ..almost something new every day .. well, shortly . I would say no. No main Theme.