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Interview Marva MK


What kind of techniques are you using? Is there a certain technical speciality of yours?

M: I try to use everything that comes around. When i was working as a performance artist we had evenings when we made shows with ladders, mud, an axe, slides and so on. ...and the audience didnt leave, they even clapped. ( laughs) Today I am trying to keep as much as possible digital. because then I dont have to digitizw it afterwards. ( laughs) Well no. Normally I am starting with a pencil and a piece of paper. Ive tons of small papers with Ideas. Over the years I ket the attitude to make new industrial materials look old and used.....Of course not so much in setdesign jobs. For the Films and so on I am trying to adopt my style to the look that is wanted. Also an interesting way to work sometimes.

Can you relate to the word "synesthetic"? M.:Thats the word... We used it to make a distinction between "multimedia"projects, when a bunch of people from different professions put their output together and "synmedia", when one artist tries to get that done by himself. Synesthetics are the way of perception and production that seem the most natural to me, because you are not only using your head to do it. But in the end it is only a word. Headbirth. And if you start too theoretical you end up with a dead child or with nothing. You ve got to fuck around to get pregnant. (laughs).

How do you usually start a project an Idea a piece,orwhatever you call it?

M: Usually I get the best Ideas just when i am not planning it. Normally when i am driving around, try to sleep at 4 in the morning or if I got something else to do go jogging and no pencil is around( smiles) Then I try to rebuild an image of what I felt on some computer and then usually the idea turns upside down. thats what i like. im not a constructionist. i use the time i spend to change ideas and looks. sometimes 180 degrees in the other direction. But usually the end result is much more balanced and complex and in a simpler form than the original idea was. simplicity is what I am looking for. In the first appearance of the end result and in the ways of production. I hate software and hardware wher you have to read a book to be able to start working

You have been in the centre of Berlin for quite a long time now. Why?M.: I still love Berlin....has changed its face a lot within the last years. But the "Munification" is still not strong enough to get me out. There is so much chaotic potential that the freaked ot security fanatics and the capital-tittytainment politics can never bend it down. At least I hope so. I really wonder why so many of Berlins Cultural Officials can not see the extraordinary unique stuff in this city.

What are you planning for the future?M.: I want to go on with independent activities and direct distribution. At least a limited edition of the production must be uncensored and without compromise to the taste of labels, sponsors or curators. I want to travel and bring my stuff to other audiences.And want to have a space where courses, public activities and productions can happen the way I like it.

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