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"Bushido- electro ghetto"

props for the music video by Hinrich Pflug

production: Katapult Filmproduktion director: Hinrich Pflug

setdesign : Daniel Morawietz setdesign assistance: Johannes H. props and on-set painting::marva mk

Bushido electroghetto videoprops

comments:: ...first we needed some tought-looking" jail-weapons" wich we prepared at synlabor and placed them in the rooftop scene. Later before changing shots the clean grey walls had to be made painted and rough looking and I had 1 hour to smash about 200 squaremeters of pure concrete. So I took a bathtub full of trash , a bunch of black spraycans and beige wallcolor and ran like hell... Its not berlin-graffity style, but I still like it....






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